Fade inlike dawnout of the blue. Say it isn’t true.It isn’t true. Say you like my style.Like my style? I don’t follow.Don’t follow. What do you wantfrom where you come? What’s your condition?The human conditionfrom where you come. A name in the darkout for a lark.Wanting to make a namewith a wanton remark.Getting it litForContinue reading “LOOSE LOVE / Poetry”


// On copywriters // In HipHop Poor man MessiahHas he a message for you.Poor man MessiahHas he a page for you. Willing to a flophouseNine to FiveLooking for a hitIn your high five. Poor man MessiahPoor poor man MessiahLooking to fly soloNever to look downFor people he must follow. Poor man MessiahPoor poor man MessiahTheContinue reading “POOR MAN MESSIAH / Poetry”